Peter Brötzmann
Interview May 10, 2005

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Prior to a local engagement in Lexington, Kentucky, iconoclastic European
free jazz saxophonist Peter Brtözmann discusses his intensely revolutionary
Chicago Tentet, featuring ten of the world's finest free jazz musicians in an
all-out jazz assault. Peter Brtözmann tells Chris Comer how the Chicago
Tentet got together in the first place, the concept behind it and why it's
one of the most satisfying ensembles of his career. Chris asks Peter
to elaborate on The Chicago Tentet's place in the tradition of the large
ensemble in jazz. Peter describes 'graphic scores' and how they are
played, and what he'd say to a jazz fan who 'just doesn't get' his music.
Towards the end of the interview Chris engages Mr. Brötzmann
on his early influences - Peter saw Sidney Bechet once.

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