Bruce Cockburn

Interview June 24, 2003

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Bruce Cockburn
- a view from the Woodpile

by Daniel Keebler

This new book contains nearly
120 photos of Bruce Cockburn at work.

The photos were taken at soundchecks, performances, a recording session and a few other locations.

Singer, songwriter and activist Bruce Cockburn was promoting his new CD "You've Never Seen Everything" when he was interviewed by Chris Comer and Rob Ervin in the summer of 2003. In this intimate interview Bruce talks about his new album in the context of his long career, some of the kinds of music that have influenced his songwriting, his guitar technique and his fellow Canadian musicians. This interview is split in two parts, with part one focusing on his music and part two on his political and spiritual worldview. Bruce describes his travels abroad to Guatemala, Mozambique and elsewhere that have influenced his music.

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