Chris Comer has been involved in radio broadcasting since
the 1980's. While pursuing a Music Composition degree from
Bowling Green State University, Chris hosted "New Musical
Frontiers" on WBGU-fm, supported by The Mid-American Center
for Contemporary Music. This ‘new music’ show included the
opportunity to interview contemporary improvising musicians
Sonny Sharrock, Fred Frith, Ronald Shannon Jackson and
American Composer George Crumb. The concept laid out in
the contemporary and adventurous format of the show has
been continuously developed by Chris to this day.

In 1991 the partnership Chris formed with fellow WBGU-alumnus Rob Ervin became “The Chris & Rob Late Night Talk Show” on
Cincinnati nonprofit WAIF-fm. This show established both hosts in the broadcast industry and developed a loyal audience.
The award-winning call-in talk show show featured politicians,
athletes, crackpots, movie stars, scientists, artists and
entertainers of all sorts. Guests appearing on Chris & Rob's
program have included Jerry Lewis, Dr. Timothy Leary, Buck
Owens, Buddy Hackett, Dr. Jocelyn Elders and Mario Cuomo.
Chris and Rob’s show is irreverent, satirical and
occasionally insightful.

Both at WAIF and as a jazz host on public radio WVXU’s X-Star
Radio, Chris began developing interview segments with some
of the world’s most well-known and cutting-edge musicians

artists. Interviews with particularly noteworthy musicians
include Charles Lloyd, Jack DeJohnette, Paul Bley, Pete Seeger,
Cecil Taylor, John Zorn, Steve Reich and John Corigliano.
Noteworthy artists from rock, jazz, classical and country music
have appeared with Chris & Rob, including Bruce Cockburn,
Todd Rundgren, Adrian Belew, Billy Bob Thornton, and members
of Cheap Trick, Yes, Bad Company and Led Zeppelin. These
insightful and thoughtful interviews shed light on the subjects
and works discussed. Often the conversation is candid, and
focuses on the most compelling new projects of the artist
and their creative process.

In addition to broadcast experience at 700 WLW, WVXU, WAIF
and other radio stations, Chris has collaborated in many
theatrical productions, soundtrack projects and rock bands.

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