Derek Bailey Tribute
January 10, 2006

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Featuring Comments From Fred Frith And An Interview
With Derek Bailey Originally Broadcast May 23, 2000.

Vanguard guitar pioneer Derek Bailey passed away the day after
Christmas 2005 at age 75. Chris Comer broadcast his tribute to the
legendary improvisor a couple of weeks later, with help from Fred
Frith via a distorted phone call. The tribute includes an interview
Chris did with Derek in 2000, calling from the basement of the NYC
jazz club Tonic, which was hosting Derek Bailey's annual INCUS
Festival at the time. Fred Frith discusses Bailey's guitar playing,
the impact Derek made on his own music and the avant-garde scene that
Derek Bailey helped to create and influence. The interview with Derek
from 2000 is friendly and revealing. Derek Bailey's recorded legacy
will certainly be revolutionary and inspiring for generations to come.

Fred Frith

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