"GCS2000" Interview February 23, 1999

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Larry Graham, originally the bass player with Sly & The Family Stone,
is the inventor of the slap-bass sound in funk music and is a
revolutionary figure in R&B music. In 1999 Larry Graham released
a comeback album called "GCS2000" on the NPG label, produced by
Prince*. Chris Comer talked to Larry Graham in '99 right as the new
CD was being released, the first from Larry Graham in over a decade.
Larry talks about working with Prince, his own group Graham Central
Station and his role as an original founding member of Sly & The
Family Stone and his relationship with Sly Stone. Mr. Graham goes
into detail about how he came up with his innovative bass playing
style, and discusses the positive message in his own music.

* Please note that at the time of the broadcast of this interview,
Prince was still going by his famous symbol and was commonly
referred to as 'The Artist Formerly Known As Prince' or just 'The Artist'.

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